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Session 28 - Working Group on Astronomical Imaging Technology.
Oral session, Monday, January 15
Salon del Rey North, Hilton

[28.01] The First Year of Observations on the Yale-San Juan Double Star Project

E. Horch, D. Dinescu, T. Girard, W. van Altena (Yale U.), C. López (U. Nac. San Juan), O. Franz (Lowell Obs.), J. G. Timothy (U. New Brunswick)

Because of the relative lack of speckle measures in the southern hemisphere, we have been taking speckle observations of (mostly) southern double stars from El Leoncito, Argentina since July of 1994. The data are taken with the Stanford University speckle interferometer, which uses a multi-anode microchannel array (MAMA) detector as the imaging device. As of this writing, our data base comprises more than 700 observations of more than 500 double stars from the Washington Double Star Catalog. We report on the progress of the project, first results, and our current understanding of our measurement errors.

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