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Session 26 - X-ray Emission Flow, Neutron Stars & White Dwarfs.
Oral session, Monday, January 15
Salon del Rey South, Hilton

[26.03] Observations of the X-ray burster 4U0614+091 with BATSE

E. Ford, P. Kaaret, M. Tavani, J. Tomsick (Columbia U.), B. A. Harmon (NASA/MSFC), S. N. Zhang (USRA), D. Barret, J. Grindlay, P. Bloser (Harvard U., CfA)

Detection of hard x-ray emission from neutron star systems places constraints on models of hard X-ray emission from compact objects developed for black hole binaries. We have detected significant hard X-ray flux in the light curve of the X-ray burster 4U0614+091 in the 20-100 keV band using the BATSE instrument on CGRO. We discuss the Earth occultation data analysis used in localizing the multiple events observed in the 1600 day light curve. Our search is part of a larger monitoring campaign with BATSE and XTE motivated by the recent discovery of hard X-ray emission from X-ray bursters with SIGMA. We discuss our results in terms of current understanding of hard x-ray emission processes.

This work was supported in part by NASA Grant NAG 5-2235.

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