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Session 24 - Seyfert & Starburst Galaxies; Winds, Outflows & Energetics.
Oral session, Monday, January 15
Corte Real, Hilton

[24.04] The Design and Fabrication of a Focal Reducer and its Use to Observe Edge-On Galaxies NGC 4244 and NGC 5907

D. Marcus (Arizona State U.)

We designed and built a unique focal reducer for the Steward Observatory 2.3 m telescope on Kitt Peak. It decreased the focal ratio from f/9 to f/1.9, thus increasing the field of view on a 2048 x 2048 CCD from 5.1' x 5.1' to 23.9' x 23.9'. The inverted-Cassegrainian, two-mirror design permits high efficiency of UV wavelengths and good broad band image quality from 3500 Åto 8500 Åwithout chromatic aberrations. Other features include a coronagraph and a filter slide in the slow f/9 beam which permits narrow band imaging.

Observations show that image quality up to 3' field radii is seeing-limited. Image quality up to 8' field radii is degraded by about 0.2" or 0.3" FWHM.

Very narrow bandpass interference filters of 15 ÅFWHM for H\alpha and 30 ÅFWHM for [S II] were tilted to accommodate various red shifts up to 1500 km/s. Models estimating changes in filter CWL and FWHM due to tilt in a converging beam are presented.

Deep, continuum-subtracted H\alpha and [S II] images of the edge-on galaxies NGC 4244 and NGC 5907 are presented. The images show H II regions and the WIM phase of the ISM to be confined to the plane of the disk for both galaxies. Interesting filamentary structure is evident.

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