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Session 24 - Seyfert & Starburst Galaxies; Winds, Outflows & Energetics.
Oral session, Monday, January 15
Corte Real, Hilton

[24.03] Large-Scale Outflows in Seyfert Galaxies

E. J. M. Colbert (STScI/U Md), S. A. Baum

\catcode`\@=11 \def\gapprox\mathrel\mathpalette\@versim> \def\lapprox\mathrel\mathpalette\@versim< \def\@versim#1#2\lower2.45pt\vbox\baselineskip0pt\lineskip0.9pt \ialign\m@th#1\hfil##\hfil\crcr#2\crcr\sim\crcr \catcode`\@=12 Highly collimated outflows extend out to Mpc scales in many radio-loud active galaxies. In Seyfert galaxies, which are radio-quiet, the outflows extend out to kpc scales and do not appear to be as highly collimated. In order to study the nature of large-scale (\gapprox1 kpc) outflows in Seyferts, we have conducted optical, radio and X-ray surveys of a distance-limited sample of 22 edge-on Seyfert galaxies. Results of the optical emission-line imaging and spectroscopic survey imply that large-scale outflows are present in \gapprox1øver4 of all Seyferts. The radio (VLA) and X-ray (ROSAT) surveys show that large-scale radio and X-ray emission is present at about the same frequency. Kinetic luminosities of the outflows in Seyferts are comparable to those in starburst-driven superwinds. Large-scale radio sources in Seyferts appear diffuse, but do not resemble radio halos found in some edge-on starburst galaxies (e.g. M82). We discuss the feasibility of the outflows being powered by the active nucleus (e.g. a jet) or a circumnuclear starburst.

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