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Session 23 - The Changing Shape of Graduate Education in Science.
Oral session, Monday, January 15
1st Floor, La Villita Assembly Building

[23.02] Panel on Graduate Education in Science

S. Strom (U. Massachusetts), S. Edwards (Smith College), J. S. Gallagher (U. Wisconson), E. Levy (U. Arizona), D. York (U. Chicago), H. Van Horn (NSF), S. Wyckoff (Arizona State U.)

As a result of the shifting emphasis for public investment in basic research and higher education, opportunities for new PhDs to follow traditional academic research careers are expected to decrease. Given these realities, it is both essential and timely to re-examine the role of graduate schools in serving our discipline, our students, and the society which supports us. Central to the discussion are the questions: What should be the goals and content of an astronomy graduate education in view of (a) the discipline's need to continue a tradition of carrying out world class research, and (b) our nation's need for imaginative, scientifically capable and adaptable young people, both in the technical workforce and as teachers in the nation's schools? (2) Should we consider changing our admissions policies, graduate curricula, funding patterns or academic culture to meet the needs of (a) our discipline, and (b) our nation? The panelists will share their current perspectives on these very challenging questions. A follow-up open discussion on these issues will be held on Tuesday evening. A detailed outline of the questions regarding the goals of graduate education in astronomy formulated by the AAS Education Policy Board may be found through the Education link on the AAS World Wide Web homepage.

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