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Session 22 - YSOs' Variability.
Display session, Monday, January 15
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[22.06] The mid-IR Dust Emission Spectrum of Fuor V1057 Cyg during the Optical Dimming Event in 1995

D. H. Wooden, K. R. Bell (NASA Ames), H. M. Butner (CIW,DTM), J. D. Goguen (JPL)

We present mid-IR spectrophotometry of the Fuor V1057 Cyg during the optical dimming event in 1995. Between January and April 1995, the visual magnitude of V1057 Cyg dropped by a magnitude, and then began a slow recovery in May 1995. On 15 and 16 June 1995 UT, the NASA Ames HIFOGS obtained 7.5 -- 13.5\micron spectrophotometry at the IRTF (R=\lambdaøver\delta\lambda=200, 3\arcsec aperture) and detected a strong 9.7\micron silicate emission feature. On 17 June 1995 UT, the HIFOGS obtained 17 -- 22\micron spectrophotometry (R=130, 3\arcsec ) which revealed a strong continuum. Near- and mid-IR photometry at 3.5, 4.8, 8.7, 10.2, 12.5, and 20\micron on 12 and 13 June 1995 UT complement the spectrophotometry and together show the contemporaenous SED of V1057 Cyg at this epoch (JD2449880) during the dimming event. We will discuss the dust emission spectrum of V1057 Cyg in the context of the Fuor disk accretion and possible dust condensation event.

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