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Session 21 - Jets, H-H Objects, and Molecular Outflows.
Display session, Monday, January 15
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[21.13] Molecular Shocks in the L1228 Cloud Core

K. C. Yu, J. Bally (CASA, U. Colorado), M. Hereld, B. J. Rauscher (U. Chicago)

IRAS 20582+7724 in the high latitude cloud Lynds 1228 is the source for one of the largest known bipolar outflows. We present recent 2.122 \mum v=1-0 S H_2 line emission imaging of the cloud core region centered on the IRAS source taken at the Apache Point Observatory. Our results showing the shock-excited regions will be used to help present a coherent picture of the outflow morphology, and help to constrain jet-entrainment models.

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