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Session 21 - Jets, H-H Objects, and Molecular Outflows.
Display session, Monday, January 15
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[21.02] Numerical Simulations of Time Dependent MHD Disk-Winds

R. Ouyed (McMaster U.)

Observations of star-forming regions in nearby molecular clouds reveal that most stellar objects are associated with energetic jets. One unifying model is that they are all consequences of magnetized flows originating from an accretion disk surrounding the young star. Motivated by theoretical and observational arguments, we present a detailed numerical study of such winds with the aid of the ZEUS-2D code.

In our model, an underlying magnetized Keplerian accretion disk, whose properties remain fixed during the course of the simulation, provides very slow mass flow into a hot magnetized disk corona. The magnetic configuration adopted is based on recent calculations of magnetic field dragging in accretion disks as presented by Reyes and Stepinsky (1995) and Lubow et al (1995). We find that outflow is initiated from field lines which are bent no more than 60^o from the vertical. Our time dependent simulations produce moving systems of knots, as is seen in HST images of HH30.

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