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Session 20 - Molecular Clouds, Dense Cores, and Protostars.
Display session, Monday, January 15
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[20.19] A 12 \: \mu m and 25 \: \mu m Galactic Plane Supplement

R. F. Shipman, M. P. Egan, S. D. Price (Phillips Laboratory/GPOB)

Due to source confusion, the IRAS Point Source Catalog (PSC) and the Faint Source Reject File (FSR) significantly underestimate the number of faint (< 1.0 Jy) IR sources in the Galactic plane. The confusion problem can be mitigated by extracting the point sources from images instead of individual scans.

We construct images from raw IRAS scans which have undergone a number of conditioning steps including background removal. This procedure yields high and low frequency scans, both of which are made into images using a Minimum Mean Square Error technique. We extract the point sources from the high frequency images.

We are able to reliably extract sources at flux levels above 0.2 Jy. In the region of the Galactic center, we find approximately 350 sources per square degree. This is 3 times higher than the PSC and almost 6 times higher than the FSR which are both limited by source confusion.

The resulting Galactic Plane Supplement contains source positions, positional errors, and fluxes at 12 and 25 \: \mu m. This catalog has also been cross referenced with the PSC and the FSR using position and flux criteria.

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