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Session 14 - Milky Way Galaxy.
Display session, Monday, January 15
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[14.12] Wolf-Rayet Stars in M33

C. O. Johnson (Northern Arizona U. and Vassar), P. Massey (NOAO)

Previous surveys for Wolf-Rayet stars in M33 have suffered from either selection effects (photographic) or small spatial area (CCD). As part of a larger effort to observationally investigate massive star evolution in the Local Group, we surveyed eight fields in M33 using narrow band CCD images taken on and off the characteric WR emission lines. We found 81 new WR candiates, of which 7 have already been confirmed spectroscopically; additional spectroscopy is underway and will be presented as part of this poster. These data demonstrate that the photographic surveys were only about 50% complete. Furthermore, the photographic surveys indeed had previously been far more complete for WC-type WRs than WN-types. This research was supported by the REU program at Northern Arizona University.

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