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Session 14 - Milky Way Galaxy.
Display session, Monday, January 15
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[14.08] The Stellar Mass Function of the Halo

D. S. Graff, K. Freese (U. Michigan)

We use the Luminosity function of Halo red dwarfs provided by the US Naval Observatory, and other observations of Halo red dwarfs to determine their mass function, the number density of stars of a particular mass. We use a recent mass-luminosity relation, and take steps to account for binary stars and stars of different metallicities. This mass function allows us to do several things: 1) We can rule out both Brown Dwarfs as even a small componant of the dark matter halo. 2) We confirm recent star formation theories. 3) Using these star formation theories, we glean some information about the physical conditions when halo stars were formed at the birth of the Galaxy.

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