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Session 14 - Milky Way Galaxy.
Display session, Monday, January 15
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[14.06] Intermediate-Band Photometric Luminosity Descrimination for M Stars

T. H. Robertson, N. M. Furiak (Ball State U.)

Synthetic photometry has been used to design an intermediate-band filter to be used with CCD cameras to facilitate the luminosity classification of M stars. Spectrophotometric data published by Gunn & Stryker (1983) were used to test various bandwidths and centers. Based on these calculations an intermediate-band filter has been purchased. This filter is being used in conjunction with standard BVRI filters to test its effectiveness in luminosity classification of M stars having a wide range of temperatures and different chemical compositions. The results of the theoretical calculations, filter design specifications and preliminary results of the testing program are presented. This research is supported in part by funds provided by Ball State University, The Fund for Astrophysical Research and the Indiana Academy of Science.

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