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Session 12 - Radio Galaxies, VLBI.
Display session, Monday, January 15
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[12.15] A Dramatic Flare in NRAO 530

G. Bower, D. Backer, R. Forster, M. C. H. Wright (UC Berkeley Radio Astronomy Lab)

3 mm \lambda VLBI observations of the extremely flat spectrum QSO NRAO 530 at the peak of its brightest recorded flare show a resolved core only slightly changed from its pre-outburst state. Superluminal expansion with \beta_app > 9 h^-1 is required to account for the flux external to the core. The identification of superluminal expansion and the detection of NRAO 530 by EGRET further confirms the connection between superluminal blazars and gamma ray sources. We present broad band spectra during the course of the flare as well as 7 mm \lambda VLBA observations.

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