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Session 12 - Radio Galaxies, VLBI.
Display session, Monday, January 15
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[12.11] Extragalactic Source Survey at \lambda3 mm : Part I

R. B. Phillips, S. Doeleman (Haystack Obs.), A. J. Beasley, V. Dhawan (NRAO)

We present intermediate results of a Coordinated 3mm--VLBI Array (CMVA) survey of a sample of 27 sources selected on the basis of recent VLBA 7\,mm observations to be compact on milliarcsecond scales. Nine sources were detected on at least one baseline above a detection limit of \sim0.3--0.5\,Jy. A number of these sources (in particular, 1546+027) appear to be flaring at present. When complete, this survey will double the number of compact AGNs detected at 90\,GHz with VLBI, providing a larger sample for use in AGN and space--VLBI studies.

Our 33% detection rate using this modest 3mm array suggest that we could detect well over a third of our VLBA selected sample during future global CMVA observations. These observations have provided a detailed understanding of the excellent functionality and capability of the CMVA, and we look forward to future observations with this array.

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