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Session 12 - Radio Galaxies, VLBI.
Display session, Monday, January 15
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[12.04] X-ray spectra of the powerful radio galaxies 3C219 and 3C234

P. R. Blanco, R. D. Cohen (CASS/UCSD)

Apart from the nearest example Cygnus A, to date there have been no spectral studies in X-rays of Faranoff-Riley class \sc ii narrow-line radio galaxies (NLRGs). As a first step we present Rosat\/ and Asca\/ observations of the NLRGs 3C219 and 3C234. Despite their faintness in the Einstein\/ energy range (Fabbiano et al.\ 1984), unlike Cygnus A these objects are not known to reside in X-ray luminous clusters, nor are they placed at low Galactic latitude. Therefore we can expect to measure the 0.2--10\,keV continuum and Fe K lines originating from the AGN in each case.

3C234 has been shown to possess an optically hidden broad line region visible only in scattered (polarized) light, while 3C219 is a classical NLRG. We shall relate our X-ray data to the spectral properties of these objects at longer wavelengths, in terms of testing the unified scheme for radio galaxies and quasars.

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