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Session 11 - LMC, Dwarf Galaxies.
Display session, Monday, January 15
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[11.10] Globular Cluster Systems in Virgo Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies

P. R. Durrell, W. E. Harris (McMaster U.), D. Geisler (KPNO)

A sample of 11 bright dwarf elliptical galaxies (of which 8 are nucleated) in the Virgo cluster has been imaged at CFHT in order to search for globular cluster systems (GCS's). Most of the objects possess GCS's with specific frequencies of 3-12, similar to that found in giant elliptical galaxies and in the Local Group dE's. No significant difference in specific frequency is seen between dE and dE,N galaxies.

A combined globular cluster luminosity function has been created from the data for the 8 dE,N galaxies, and closely resembles that found in GCS's of the Local Group dE's and the dE,N NGC 3115 DW1. The corresponding mass function exhibits a slope of -1.9 \pm 0.4, which is consistent with that found in both giant elliptical and spiral galaxies, suggesting that the mechanism of globular cluster formation is similar in galaxies of a wide range in mass.

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