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Session 4 - Space Mission Status.
Display session, Monday, January 15
North Banquet Hall, Convention Center

[4.01] The International Ultraviolet Explorer Data Analysis Center

M. Carini, R. Thompson, R. Arquilla, J. Caplinger, L. Taylor (IUEDAC and CSC)

The International Ultraviolet Explorer Regional Data Analysis Facility (RDAF) was established in 1981 to assist users in the analysis and interpretation of IUE data. In October 1992, the Colorado RDAF was closed, and the Goddard RDAF was renamed the International Ultraviolet Explorer Data Analysis Center (IUEDAC). Programs written using the Interactive Data Language (IDL), marketed by Research Systems Incorporated (RSI) allow users to reduce and analyze IUE spectral data processed through IUESIPS and NEWSIPS, display images, perform various database searches and convert IUE data sets into various formats. IUEDAC personnel support US Guest Observers with 19th episode IUE observing programs and are actively involved with LASP scientists working under a NASA ADP grant to reformat and distribute data from the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory 3 (Copernicus) mission. The IUEDAC staff also maintains several homepages on the World Wide Web. These pages provide WWW users access to both information and services provided by the IUEDAC. Users may also access the IUEDAC either by visiting the DAC in person or by remote logins via the internet.

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