A Photometric Analysis of the Binary System UV Leonis

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Session 85 -- Binaries
Display presentation, Wednesday, 11, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[85.02] A Photometric Analysis of the Binary System UV Leonis

Marina C. G. Frederik \& Paul B. Etzel (San Diego State University)

Eighteen nights of UBV(RI)${}_c$ photometry of the detached eclipsing binary system UV Leonis from Spring 1994 are presented. UV Leo consists of two solar-type stars whose masses are being redetermined by Popper (1993, ApJ , 404 , L67). The main thrust of our work is to determine revised stellar properties from light curve solutions.

The light curves are complicated by the rapid migration of spots, which significantly alter the shape of the curve in about a week. Three distinct groups of light curves have been defined by the epochs of observation, which provide information about the rate of spot migration. Timings have been determined for five primary and four secondary minima. There have been no significant recent changes in the ephemeris. However, spot induced asymmetries altered secondary minima and made them appear to come earlier than expected.

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