Magnetic Field Maps of Quiescent Bok Globules

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Session 84 -- Star Forming Clouds
Display presentation, Wednesday, 11, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[84.01] Magnetic Field Maps of Quiescent Bok Globules

Brian D. Kane (Boston Unversity), Dan P. Clemens (Boston University)

We present magnetic field maps of 12 starless Bok Globules. Maps were constructed from polarimetric $V$-band images taken with a computer-controlled CCD camera with a fast shutter and a bidirectional charge-shifting capability. The linear polarization of stars in the globule field has been determined by repeated use of imaging through a polaroid filter, shifting the charge up by many times the stellar PSF, reimaging through an orthogonal polaroid filter, then shifting the charge back down to its starting point. Between one and five CCD fields-of-view were necessary to map each globule, and up to 50 stars in each FOV had detectable polarizations. This globule sample exhibits a variety of magnetic field patterns, including uniform fields with dispersion less than 10$^{\circ}$, overlapping fields with two distinct directions, and cometary extensions.

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