Disk-Driven MHD Winds/Jets

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Session 81 -- YSO's, Masers and Molecules
Display presentation, Wednesday, 11, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[81.08] Disk-Driven MHD Winds/Jets

Zhi-Yun Li, Chris Mckee (UC Berkeley), Mitch Begelman (JILA)

Accretion disk-driven magneto-centrifugal winds are the leading mechanism for producing bipolar outflows in both YSOs and AGNs. Previous studies of this mechanism have concentrated either on the disk or on the wind. We construct self-consistent disk-wind solutions in which their structures are interdependent. Assuming that the magnetic field inside the disk is held in place against accreting matter by outward turbulent diffusion, we show that such a disk-wind system is uniquely determined by the disk thermal and magnetic properties. We argue that the production of this type of MHD winds/jets from inner disks of low-mass protostellar objects is intimately related to the resolution of the so-called ``magnetic flux problem" of the low-mass star formation.

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