HR Diagrams from the Michigan Spectral Catalogues, Volumes 1-5

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Session 80 -- Stellar Activity II: Early Type Stars, Normal Stars
Display presentation, Wednesday, 11, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[80.18] HR Diagrams from the Michigan Spectral Catalogues, Volumes 1-5

Dr. N. Houk, C. Branch, S. Winfrey (U. of Mich)

Results from analyses of the Michigan Spectral Catalogue, Vols. 1--4 plus some early results from Volume 5, are presented. This latest volume, of about 33,000 stars, will extend the MK classification of the Henry Draper stars northward from $\delta = -12^{\circ}$ to a declination of $\delta = +5^{\circ}$. IIaO photographic plates were used with the combined $4^{\circ} + 6^{\circ}$ prisms on the Michigan Curtis Schmidt telescope at CTIO to produce well-widened (0.8mm) spectra with an original dispersion of 108 \AA/mm and resolution of 2 \AA. The 150,000 stars analysed have all been visually classified by Houk. Psuedo-HR diagrams were constructed using our spectral types to convert to visual absolute magnitudes, with temperature types comprising the abscissa. The HD stars for which photoelectric apparent magnitudes are available, will be used to construct HR diagrams for stars within 25, 50, and 100 parsecs from the sun. Lists of the HD stars within these volumes of space will be available, and a discussion of completeness will be included.

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