The X-Ray Fundamental Plane of Clusters of Galaxies

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Session 74 -- Clusters of Galaxies II: X-Rays
Display presentation, Wednesday, 11, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[74.05] The X-Ray Fundamental Plane of Clusters of Galaxies

James Annis (Fermilab)

The fact that the global scaling parameters of clusters of galaxies are controlled by the virial theorem is perhaps not surprising. Showing such a relation with optical data is difficult. With x-ray data it is straightforward. The x-ray surface brightness profile of 80 clusters of galaxies with known x-ray temperatures were measured using ellipse fitting techniques. There is a two dimensional surface in the cluster temperature, surface brightness, and effective radius three space; a principal component analysis shows that ellipticity, $a4/a$ and other shape parameters are uncorrelated with this plane. The effective radius of the cluster may be predicted using $T_x$ and SB$_x$ with rms residuals of $10\%$. The relationship found is that expected from the virial theorem and bremsstrahlung.

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