Spectroscopic Plate Measurement Capability Revived

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Session 6 -- Positional Astronomy
Display presentation, Monday, 9, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[6.09] Spectroscopic Plate Measurement Capability Revived

Mielbrecht, R.A.J. (UC Berkeley)

The San Diego State University Spectrum Comparator Measuring Engine made by Grant Systems Inc. has been upgraded with a 386 PC for the measurement of spectrscopic plates at San Joaquin Delta College. Anyone interested in collaborative astrophysical projects requiring precision (0.1 micron resolution) measurement of high dispersion Coude spectroscopic plates please contact us. Measured data can be reduced to wavelengths; heliocentric and diurnal corrections can be made; radial velocities can be produced; orbit solutions for binary stars can be generated with complete analysis of errors and fits.

We are interested in the recovery of astronomical data from plate archives which represent considerable telescope time and effort in order to refine periods of binary stars; detect variability of periods; as well as correct inaccurately published orbits; etc.

Contact: R.A.J.Mielbrecht at SJDC, 5151 Pacific Ave., Stockton CA 95207. email:mielbrecht@bkyast.berkeley.edu or Arthru Young at San Diego State University, Astronomy Department, San Diego, CA 92182. email: young@mintaka.sdsu.edu.

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