Variable Stars in the Draco Dwarf Spheroidal

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Session 51 -- Dwarf Galaxies
Display presentation, Tuesday, 10, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[51.08] Variable Stars in the Draco Dwarf Spheroidal

H.C. Harris (USNO), H.A. Smith (Michigan State University), N.A. Silbermann (IPAC)

Of the 261 variable stars discovered in the Draco dwarf spheroidal galaxy by Baade and Swope (1961), only 138 have been studied to derive periods and light curves. The large number of RR Lyraes and Anomalous Cepheids in Draco provides a unique opportunity to study the properties of these stars in a single system. We have observed Draco in 1993 and 1994 with CCD cameras on the WIRO 2.3-m, Palomar 1.5-m, and USNO 1.0-m telescopes in order to follow up and improve on the Baade and Swope study. We are obtaining new observations for all known variables in Draco, revising or obtaining new periods, obtaining light curves of improved accuracy as well as color curves for all variables, and searching for new, low-amplitude variables and new, double-mode variables. Observations will be required in 1995 in order to have good phase coverage for all variables and complete the project. This paper describes the current status and preliminary results.

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