A Computerized Lab Exercise In Spectral Classification from Project CLEA

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Session 5 -- Education
Display presentation, Monday, 9, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[5.09] A Computerized Lab Exercise In Spectral Classification from Project CLEA

L.A.Marschall, G.A.Snyder, M.B.Hayden, M.K.Luehrmann, P.R. Cooper, R.F.Good (Gettysburg College)

Project CLEA (Contemporary Laboratory Experiences in Astronomy) has developed a new laboratory exercise for introductory astronomy classes which introduces the concepts of stellar spectral classification and spectroscopic parallax. The exercise uses Windows-based software to permit students to view digitized "unknown" spectra, measure and identify significant lines, compare them with reference standards, and record results. It also incorporates a simulated telescope with a photon-counting spectrograph, enabling students to take spectra and import them into the display for comparison with standards. Both graphical and "photographic" modes are available for display of data. Several hundred unknown and standard spectra are provided for the main sequence and selected luminosity classes, but the software is exceptionally adaptable and users can tailor spectrum files and star fields to their own applications. In addition to the Spectral Classification Lab, five other new software modules from CLEA will be available for demonstration. Project CLEA is supported by grants from Gettysburg College and the National Science Foundation

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