Molecular Line Survey in Serpens S68

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Session 48 -- Young Stars
Display presentation, Tuesday, 10, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[48.11] Molecular Line Survey in Serpens S68

J.P. McMullin (SMTO), L.G. Mundy (UMD), G.A. Blake (CalTech), B.A. Wilking (UMO-St.Louis)

We present the preliminary results from a molecular line survey of the S68 star forming region. We find evidence for a bipolar molecular outflow directly associated with S68FIRS1. S68N is shown to be at the tip of the red lobe of this outflow, potentially explaining some of the enhanced abundances seen toward this source while faint red and blue wing emission may indicate S68N has its own outflow activity. Based on a simple comparison of spectral profiles, we identify distinct catagories of molecules which are sensitive/insensitive to different levels of shock activity. Comparison between 60" and 30" resolution observations indicates gas phase depletions are occurring only on the smaller scales. We elaborate on our results in light of a general model for chemical evolution in YSOs.

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