Model Atmospheres for the ``Most Abnormal'' DZ White Dwarf

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Session 46 -- White Dwarfs
Display presentation, Tuesday, 10, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[46.02] Model Atmospheres for the ``Most Abnormal'' DZ White Dwarf

P.A.Aannestad, P.Hauschildt (ASU), G.L.Hammond (U.So.Fl.), F.Allard (UBC)

We present model atmospheres calculations for G165-7, a DZ white dwarf with the most metal lines in its spectrum. The model spectra are fitted to existing ground-based observations from 3200 \AA\ to 10,000 \AA , including high resolution MMT data in the region 3700 \AA\ - 4600 \AA\ (Sion et al. ApJS,72,707). We use the plane-parallel, LTE mode of the general computer code {\tt PHOENIX 4.9} to compute the model atmospheres and synthetic spectra for G165-7. About $10^{5}$ atomic lines and $10^{6}$ molecular lines are included within the spectral region. The equation of state is solved for 39 elements (with up to 26 ionization stages per element) and 105 molecules. The models include, self consistently, line blanketing of the lines selected from the latest atomic and molecular line list of Kurucz (1993, CD-ROM, 1 and 15) and others.

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