1-5 micron Arcturus Atlas

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Session 45 -- Stellar Activity I
Display presentation, Tuesday, 10, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[45.14] 1-5 micron Arcturus Atlas

K.H.Hinkle, L. Wallace, W. Livingston (NOAO)

An atlas of the infrared spectrum of the bright K 2 giant Arcturus recently has been completed using the 4 meter Mayall telescope and FTS. The 0.9-5.4 $\mu$m spectrum of Arcturus was observed at high signal-to-noise with a resolution of 100,000. Telluric lines were removed by using telluric transmission spectra generated from McMath-Pierce solar spectra and lunar spectra. The spectrum of Arcturus was observed on two different dates selected to give large opposite heliocentric shifts. The spectra observed on the different dates have been corrected for telluric absorption and then overplotted, with the result that the telluric spectrum has been effectively removed from all but the most obscured wavelengths of the Arcturus spectrum. The overplotted spectra also illustrate the signal-to-noise and the believability of spectral features.

An effort has been undertaken to identify lines with central depths stronger than a few percent. Identifications are marked on the atlas pages. While the majority of the lines are identified, a few strong unidentified lines are present. Identifications of the molecular features seem well in hand and the unidentified lines appear to be atomic. Frequencies for unidentified lines will be listed. Information concerning the availability of the atlas will be given.

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