Flows at Filament Footpoints

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Session 44 -- Solar Observations and Theory
Display presentation, Tuesday, 10, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[44.11] Flows at Filament Footpoints

J.B.Zirker (NSO)

Solar filaments form in filament channels, which are narrow regions\\ of aligned H alpha fibrils along a magnetic neutral line.The growth of\\ a filament into a pre-existing channel, and the filling of the filament\\ with cool plasma,is the subject of this paper. A quiescent filament was observed July 4-10,1994 at the Vacuum Tower\\ Telescope at Sunspot,N.M. Grids of H alpha spectra and simultaneous H alpha images were recorded and analyzed. On the day of best seeing\\ (July 9) the Doppler velocities at footpoints at the growing end were all positive( red-shifted) while those at the opposite stable end were\\ all negative(blue-shifted).Siphon flow at speeds of a few km/s are\\ indicated.But on July 6 a long fibril at the growing end of the\\ filament had a pattern of Doppler velocities consistent with draining\\ motions.Evidently the growth of filament finestructure is sporadic.

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