Instrumentation Manuals On-Line

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Session 41 -- Catalogs, Computer Information, Services, Analysis and Tools
Display presentation, Tuesday, 10, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[41.01] Instrumentation Manuals On-Line

Elizabeth Bryson (CFHT)

This database will serve as an international clearing house for observatory manuals and information on how to access them. At present, CFHT, STScI, and IRTF are participating in this project. It is the author's intention that each observatory will submit electronically a pre-formatted template which is now available on NCSA Mosaic (URL The template describes the instrumentation manual in the following manner: location, version, revision, institution, description, wavelength region, field, keywords, contact person, size of document, figures, tables, and availability. In addition, the template provides the user with a direct link to the manual if it is online. The project author will contact the individual or institution in charge of the template at six month intervals in order to insure the manual's accuracy. It is hoped the availability of this service will encourage all observatories to make information about their manuals available electronically.

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