Observations and Modelling of the Zodiacal Light

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Session 32 -- COBE
Oral presentation, Monday, 9, 1995, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

[32.03] Observations and Modelling of the Zodiacal Light

T. Kelsall (NASA/GSFC)

The DIRBE instrument on the COBE satellite performed a full-sky survey in ten bands covering the spectral range from 1.25 to 240 $\mu$m, and made measurements of the polarization from 1.25 to 3.5 $\mu$m. These observations provide a wealth of data on the radiations from the interplanetary dust cloud (IPD). The presentation covers the observations, the model-independent findings, and the results from the extensive efforts of the DIRBE team to model the IPD. Emphasis is placed on describing the importance of correctly accounting for the IPD contribution to the observed-sky signal for the purpose of detecting the cosmic infrared background.

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$^*$ The NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) is responsible for the design, development, and operation of the COBE mission. GSFC is also responsible for the development of the analysis software and for the production of the mission data sets. Scientific guidance is provided by the COBE Science Working Group. The COBE program is supported by the Astrophysics Division of NASA's Office of Space Science.

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