Daniel Kirkwood's Progency

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Session 30 -- History of Astronomy
Oral presentation, Monday, 9, 1995, 10:00am - 11:30am

[30.03] Daniel Kirkwood's Progency

F.K. Edmondson (Indiana University)

Daniel Kirkwood (September 21, 1814-June 11, 1895) was Professor of Mathematics at Indiana University from 1856-1886. During these thirty years his bibliography included ninety six papers and two books (``Meteoric Astronomy" and ``Comets and Meteors"). He published twenty five papers and a third book (``The Asteroids") after he retired; the final paper was published the year before he died.

His progency are defined in this paper as those who had personal contact with him while they were students, plus those who were students or associates of his students. The list includes two Presidents of Indiana University (Joseph Swain, who was Kirkwood's successor as Professor of Mathematics, and William Lowe Bryan), nine graduates of Indiana University (Francis P. Leavenworth, John A. Miller, V.M. Slipher, C.O. Lampland, J.C. Duncan, E.C. Slipher, Ross W. Marriott, K.P. Williams, and the author of this paper), one faculty member (W.A. Cogshall) who was not a graduate of Indiana University, and Miller's students at Swarthmore from 1906-1932 (including Charlotte Moore Sitterly, Emma Williams Vyssotsky, Margaret Walton Mayall, and John W. Evans). The author was personally acquainted with all of these progency except Leavenworth and Swain. He was appointed Instructor in Astronomy by President William Lowe Bryan, his last appointment before he retired. Bryan had graduated in 1884, two years before Daniel Kirkwood retired, and this is the author's direct link with Kirkwood.

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