Simulations of Supernova Mechanisms: Types I \& II

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Session 28 -- Mechanisms of Supernova Explosions
Oral presentation, Monday, 9, 1995, 10:00am - 11:30am

[28.04] Simulations of Supernova Mechanisms: Types I \& II

David Arnett (Steward Observatory)

Some recent two dimensional hydrodynamics simulations relevant to understanding supernova explosions will be briefly summarized. For Type~Ia supernovae, Livne and Arnett have investigated sub-Chandrasekhar mass models in which helium detonation triggers the detonation of a carbon-oxygen core. A reaction network of 15 species is coupled to hydrodynamics in the non-orthogonal moving mesh code VULCAN. Parallel simulations have been done with the identical network using the PPM hydrodynamics code PROMETHEUS, For Type~II and Type~Ibc supernovae, Bazan and Arnett have begun to use PROMETHEUS to explore the effects of a supernova shock on their two dimensional models of the oxygen shell in a massive star, and have found interesting constraints on the behavior of the underlying core. Estimates of the effects of oxygen burning on the explosion, on the production and mixing of $^{56} \mbox{Ni}$, and on the formation of the mass cut will be presented.

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