The 16 - 45 microns Observations of the Galactic Center

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Session 22 -- Galactic Structure; Galactic Center
Display presentation, Monday, 9, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[22.12] The 16 - 45 microns Observations of the Galactic Center

K.W.Chan (UMd), H.Moseley (NASA/GSFC), S.Casey (Hughes/STX), R.Lowenstein (Yerkes.Obs), E.Dwek (NASA/GSFC), W.Glaccum (ARC)

We present 16 - 45 microns spectrophotometric observations of the inner 80" (3 pc) regions surrounding the Galactic Center. The observations were obtained with the 20" aperture of Goddard Cryogenic Grating Spectrometer in May 1994 from the Kuiper Airborne Observatory. We measured nine points, including the 50 and 90 micron peaks of Davidson et al.(1992) and points between them and Sgr A*. The wavelength coverage of our instrument ensures sensitivity to the hot dust component, silicate emission and/or absorption features, and cooler dust at longer wavelengths. Our observations provide a way to set limits on the luminosity of any central sources, or give an independent estimate of central luminosity, and to set limits on the range of acceptable dust parameters for this region.

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