Survey of Planetary Nebulae in the Southern Galactic Bulge

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Session 22 -- Galactic Structure; Galactic Center
Display presentation, Monday, 9, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[22.08] Survey of Planetary Nebulae in the Southern Galactic Bulge

Sylvie F. Beaulieu, Kenneth C. Freeman, Michael A. Dopita and Agris Kalnajs (MSSSO)

We are presenting preliminary results of our survey of Planetary Nebul\ae~ in the Southern Galactic Bulge. This is a uniform narrowband imaging survey in $H_{\alpha}$ of the region of galactic longitude l = $\pm 20 \deg$ and galactic latitude b = $-5 \deg$ to $-10 \deg$. We will measure radial velocities of our newly- found PNe, and have already measured velocities of the previously known PNe in a more extended region to provide a kinematic sample of uniform quality. The combined sample of velocities will be used for a dynamical study of the galactic bulge. After two seasons of observation, we have imaged 94\% of our target area. We have analysed the data from the first season: in the 227 fields analysed (which translate to 47\% of the coverage), we have found 53 PNe of which 25 are already known and 28 are newly discovered - we have thus approximately doubled the number of known PNe in the regions surveyed so far.

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