Spectroscopic Survey of Nearby M Dwarfs

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Session 22 -- Galactic Structure; Galactic Center
Display presentation, Monday, 9, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[22.05] Spectroscopic Survey of Nearby M Dwarfs

J.Gizis,N.Reid (Caltech), S.Hawley (MSU)

The preliminary version of the Third Catalog of Nearby Stars lists 1736 M-dwarfs within 25 parsecs and another 470 stars of color class 'k-m' or $M_v > 8$. We have obtained obtained $\sim 2 \AA$ resolution spectra of those stars north of declination $-30^{\circ}$ using the Palomar $60 ''$ and $200 ''$ telescopes over the wavelength range $\lambda \lambda 6180-7550$. Stars are classified on the basis of the TiO and CaH bands. $H \alpha$ emission stars are identified ($EW > 1 \AA$). We have defined volume complete samples on the basis of our distance estimates. Radial velocities ($\sigma \sim 15 km s^{-1}$) and the catalog proper motions provide the full space velocity for the sample.

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