Preliminary Parallaxes for Southern Nearby Stars

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Session 22 -- Galactic Structure; Galactic Center
Display presentation, Monday, 9, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[22.03] Preliminary Parallaxes for Southern Nearby Stars

P.A. Ianna, M.C. Begam, and C.R. Mullis (U of Virginia)

We report here on our on-going program to measure the parallaxes of stars in the southern hemisphere. These are a sample of stars lacking parallaxes selected from the Catalog of Nearby Stars (CNS3, Gliese and Jahreiss). The objects include LHS 22, 317, 337, 493, 2739, 2813, 3064, 3242, 3317, 3378, and 3418. Their magnitude range is from m$_R$ = 11.5 to 14.2, and all are color class `m' in the LHS Catalogue with the exception of LHS 3317 which has a `k' color class. The CCD observations are obtained with the Siding Spring Observatory 1-m reflector in the Cousins R or I passbands using an EEV P88500; the focal plane scale is 25.4 arcsec/mm (0.57 arcsec/pixel).

This work is supported by the Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories, the National Science Foundation, and the Estate of Leander J. McCormick.

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