THe Very High Resolution Whipple Gamma Ray Camera

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Session 16 -- >100 GeV Gamma Ray Astronomy
Display presentation, Monday, 9, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[16.07] THe Very High Resolution Whipple Gamma Ray Camera

J.Gaidos (Purdue University for the Whipple Gamma Ray Collaboration)

The Whipple Gamma Ray Collaboration has been involved in the development of atmospheric Cherenkov imaging cameras since 1982. In the latest planned upgrade the Whipple Observatory 109 pixel camera on the 10m optical reflector which has a 3 degree full field of view will be replaced by a 541 pixel camera with 6 degree full field. The higher resolution will increase the angular resolution and reduce the energy threshold. The larger field of view will permit the observation of extended sources, improve the angular resolution and permit a sky survey to be made. It can also be used to search for delayed emission from gamma-ray bursts. The 109 pixel camera on the 11m optical reflector will be expanded to 169 pixels to maximise the overlap for stereo operation. Both telescopes will include an intelligent trigger to preferentially select gamma-ray events and reduce the background.

Supported in part by the U.S.~Dept.~of Energy

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