Search for One Second Bursts of TeV Gamma-rays

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Session 16 -- >100 GeV Gamma Ray Astronomy
Display presentation, Monday, 9, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[16.05] Search for One Second Bursts of TeV Gamma-rays

D.J.Fegan (University College, Dublin, Ireland for the Whipple Gamma Ray Collaboration)

Bursts of TeV gamma-rays have been predicted from primordial black holes, from cosmic string decays and as the high energy counterpart of classical gamma-rays bursts. The results of a search for bursts of TeV emission of duration one second in five years of observation with the Whipple Observatory High Resolution atmospheric Cherenkov Camera is reported. The observations were made over the epoch 1988- 93. The threshold energy for most of the observations was 0.4 TeV. Events were selected on the basis of their shape; three candidate gamma-ray events which appeared to originate from the same point within the field of view of the camera defined a burst. The threshold fluence was 10$^{-8}$ ergs per second.

Supported in part by the U.S.~Dept.~of Energy.

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