Archival Voyager Observations of the Diffuse UV Background

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Session 12 -- Interstellar medium
Display presentation, Monday, 9, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[12.18] Archival Voyager Observations of the Diffuse UV Background

M. Earl, J. Murthy, D.T. Hall, R.C. Henry (JHU), J.B. Holberg (LPL)

We have completed the first stage of a project designed to study the diffuse far ultraviolet background radiation field using the entire archival voyager database. Our primary goal is to obtain a map of the dust scattered starlight from which we will be able to derive the optical constants of the interstellar dust grains and the effects of environment on their nature and composition. Both molecular hydrogen fluorescence and emission from O VI are present in the Voyager spectral range and we will be able to constrain the distributions of the cold and hot components of the ISM, respectively. The heliospheric resonance lines of H and He are tangled with the cosmic spectra and we will obtain a history of their strengths over time and distance from the Sun, necessary to characterize conditions in the heliosphere.

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