Spectropolarimetry of OJ287

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Session 110 -- Blazars and BL Lacs
Display presentation, Thursday, 12, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[110.04] Spectropolarimetry of OJ287

Jos\'e A. de Diego, J. Nicol\'as Gonz\'alez-P\'erez (Instituto de Astrof\'isica de Canaria), Phil Charles (Institute of Astronomy of Cambridge), Mark R. Kidger (Instituto de Astrof\'isica de Canaria)

The polarization spectrum of OJ287 was obtained during the 1993/94 observing campaign within the OJ-94 International Collaboration. Data were taken on December 17-18-19/1993, an on Januarty 11-12/1994. Between both periods of observations, OJ287 showed minor flare activity, where brightness raised from V=15.75 to V=15.25, and the polarization degree varied between 0.5\% and 8\%. On the spectra taken on January 11, we have also observed large variations in the polarization angle $\sim 90^\circ$, associated with changes of $\sim$2\% in the polarization degreee. We have also observed the [OIII]5007 emission line; we investigate its appearance during changin brigthening conditions, and preliminary results will be presented.

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