HST/FOC observations of Seyfert galaxies

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Session 108 -- Seyfert Galaxies
Display presentation, Thursday, 12, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[108.11] HST/FOC observations of Seyfert galaxies

A. Capetti, F.D. Macchetto, D.J. Axon, W.B. Sparks (STScI)

We present the results of HST/FOC observations of a sample of Seyfert galaxies, including 3 intermediate type Seyfert. The objects of this program have been imaged with the FOC in five different filters; four filters cover the Oxygen lines [O III]$\lambda\lambda4959,5007$ and [O II]$\lambda\lambda3726,3729$ and the adjacent continuum. An additional medium band filter have been used to obtain UV images.

Using these images the structure of the Narrow Line Region of these objects have been explored. Moreover, the ionization conditions in this region have been derived. The ionization processes can be investigated with a direct comparison of the distribution of the UV continuum and of the radio emission.

While is some case the NLR structure is dominated by an anisotropic ionizing nuclear continuum, in other objects the effects of the interaction between the radio outflow and the line emitting plasma are striking. These results are discussed in the framework of the unified scheme for Seyfert galaxies.

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