Kinematic Analysis of Old Open Clusters

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Session 103 -- Open and Globular Clusters
Display presentation, Thursday, 12, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[103.06] Kinematic Analysis of Old Open Clusters

R.M. Patino, E.D. Friel (MMO)

Previous studies of the kinematics of old open clusters show that these clusters rotate with the old thin disk objects around the galactic center. Nevertheless, extending these samples allow us to investigate whether some of the clusters deviate from this behavior and show characteristics of other stellar populations. Understanding their relationship to a particular stellar population is important for developing accurate theories of the galactic disk formation and evolution. We present here new results for a sample of 11 old open clusters in the galactic anticenter with ages between 2 Gyr and 10 Gyr containing four clusters (Be20, Cr261, NGC2324, Pi 2) with no previous radial velocity measurements. The data, moderate resolution CCD spectra covering the spectral range of 3845-6025 \AA, were obtained at the CTIO 4-meter telscope with the multi-object spectrograph Argus. We analyze these radial velocities in terms of their systemic rotation properties and discuss their relation to other disk populations.

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