The Luminosity Distribution of Low Mass X-Ray Binaries

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Session 102 -- X-Ray Variables, Binaries and Transients
Display presentation, Thursday, 12, 1995, 9:20am - 6:30pm

[102.05] The Luminosity Distribution of Low Mass X-Ray Binaries

J.R. White (Agnes Scott College), F.A. Primini (SAO)

We are in the process of estimating the x-ray luminosities and spatial distribution of the low mass x-ray binary population of our Galaxy, using data from existing hard x-ray ($>$ 2 keV) all-sky surveys. Although large uncertainties in the distances to many LMXB's make such estimates difficult, we hope to derive a "best-effort" distribution using a number of different distance indicators. We present preliminary results for LMXB's located within 30 degrees of the Galactic Center and discuss our plans for extending the sample to include all the LMXB's in the catalog of van Paradjis (1994, "X-Ray Binaries", ed. Lewin, van Paradjis \& van den Heuvel.) Our results should provide a basis for meaningful comparisons to x-ray source distributions in nearby galaxies such as M31 (see, e.g., Primini, Forman \& Jones 1993, ApJ, 410, 615.)

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