Tuesday Titles

Program overview


Session 25. SIRTF

Display, Tuesday, 9:20-6:30, Salons ABD

25.01 SIRTF - the Space InfraRed Telescope Facility
P. Eisenhardt, L. Simmons and M. Werner (JPL/Caltech)
25.02 SIRTF - Key Projects and Community Participation
M. Bicay, R. Gehrz, L. Caroff, M. Jura, J. L. Pipher, M. Werner and E. Young
25.03 Studying Starlight from Distant Galaxies with SIRTF
E. L. Wright (UCLA), P. Eisenhardt (JPL) and G. Fazio (CfA)
25.04 SIRTF Brown Dwarf Studies
W. J. Forrest (U. Rochester)
25.05 SIRTF Observations of the Highest Luminosity Infrared Galaxies
B. T. Soifer (Caltech), F. J. Low (U.Arizona) and J. R. Houck (Cornell)

Session 26. Detectors and Telescopes

Display, Tuesday, 9:20-6:30, Salons ABD

26.01 Timing Performance of the XTE Proportional Counter Array
K. Jahoda (GSFC)
26.02 Data Modes of the Experiment Data System on XTE
E. H. Morgan (MIT)
26.03 The Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope: Past and Future Results from the {\it Astro-1} and {\it Astro-2} Missions
T. P. Stecher and IT Science Team UIT Science Team (NASA/GSFC)
26.04 Identifying Telescope Aberration Sources
F. F. Forbes (NOAO)
26.05 Low Resolution Fiber Optical Spectroscopy
A. C. Chapman and H. L. Nations (College of Charleston)
26.06 North American Small Telescope Cooperative (NASTeC): 1994
J. A. Cardelli (Univ. of Wisconsin)
26.07 The Mount Evans Observatory -- Site Survey Update
J. Mack, R. E. Stencel, D. Klebe, P. Sullivan, C. Dirks, J. Williams (U.Denver), G. Emerson (Emerson Enterprises) and E. Meyer (The Meyer Foundation)
26.08 The Multi-Telescope Telescope --- Early Results
D. J. Barry and W. G. Bagnuolo (GSU)
26.09 A Prototype Visible Imager for the CHARA Array
N. H. Turner, T. A. t. Brummelaar and H. A. McAlister (CHARA/GSU)
26.10 A Twilight and Moonlight Model for Polar Stratospheric Telescope (POST)
L. Petro, P. Bely and R. White (STScI)
26.11 Progress Report on the HAWAII 1024$\times$1024 Array for 1.0 -- 2.5 $\mu$m Astronomy
J. L. Hora, K. -W. Hodapp, D. N. B. Hall (IfA), K. Vural, L. J. Kozlowski, G. L. Bostrup, A. C. Chen, D. E. Cooper, R. B. Bailey, S. A. Cabelli (Rockwell ISC) and W. Kleinhans (Valley Oaks Semiconductor, Inc.)
26.12 A Standard Filter Set for the 20 Micron Spectral Region
D. Klebe, W. J. Williams (U of Denver), G. Orton (JPL/Caltech) and B. Jones (UCSD)
26.13 20-Micron Photometry
W. J. Williams, D. Klebe and J. Mack (U of Denver)
26.14 Terrestrial Interference Effects on Space-Based Low Frequency Radio Astronomy
J. P. Basart (ISU) and M. McCoy (ISU)
26.26.15} Comparison of Laser and Co2 Snow Cleaning of Astronomical Mirrors
B. Balick

Session 27. Digitizing the Sky

Display, Tuesday, 9:20-6:30, Salons ABD

27.01 GAMMA -- A New High-speed Microdensitometer Built on a PDS Substrate
V. G. Laidler (CSC/ST ScI), G. R. Greene (ST ScI), K. Ray (ST ScI), A. Evzerov (ST ScI) and B. M. Lasker (ST ScI)
27.02 First Data from the Fermilab Drift Scan Camera
C. Stoughton (FNAL), J. Annis (FNAL), S. Kent (FNAL), R. Kron (FNAL), J. Loveday (FNAL), T. McKay (FNAL) and H. Newberg (FNAL)
27.03 The APS Catalog of the POSS I: Now Available Through the ADS
C. S. Cornuelle, P. Thurmes, S. Musukula, R. M. Humphreys, G. Aldering and S. C. Odewahn (University of Minnesota)
27.04 The COSMOS UKST Catalog: 500 Million Objects in the Southern Sky
J. F. Wallin (GMU), D. Yentis (NRL), H. T. MacGillivray (ROE), S. B. Bauer and C. S. Wong (GMU)
27.05 FCRAO CO Survey of the Second Quadrant
M. H. Heyer (FCRAO/UMass), J. Carpenter (FCRAO/UMass), R. L. Snell (FCRAO/UMass) and F. P. Schloerb (FCRAO/UMass)
27.06 Digital Mosaics: Constructing Images of M31 and M33
F. R. Chromey, S. D. Godlin (Vassar College) and P. I. Choi (Wesleyan University)
27.07 Lick Northern Proper Motion Program: NPM1 Catalog
R. B. Hanson, A. R. Klemola and B. F. Jones (UCO/Lick Obs.)
27.08 {\it SkyView}: The Digital Multi-wavelength Sky on the Internet
T. A. McGlynn, N. E. White and K. Scollick (NASA/GSFC)
27.09 IRAS Software Telescope
R. Assendorp and P. R. Wesselius (SRON, Groningen, The Netherlands)
27.10 Photometric Standard Stars in the CCD/Transit Instrument (CTI) Survey
J. T. McGraw, C. J. Wetterer, T. R. Hess (IfA/UNM) and E. M. Green (Steward Observatory)
27.11 Variable Stars in the CCD/Transit Instrument (CTI) Survey
C. J. Wetterer, J. T. McGraw, T. R. Hess and R. Grashuis (IfA/UNM)
27.12 Identification of Faint UV Images using the Guide Star Plate Archive
R. L. Smart, M. Shara (STScI) and B. Milliard (LAS CNRS, France)

Session 28. Software and Catalogs

Display, Tuesday, 9:20-6:30, Salons ABD

28.01 Access to ADS Catalogs Through the World Wide Web
G. Eichhorn, C. S. Grant and M. J. Kurtz (SAO)
28.02 The ADS Abstract Service: One Year Old
C. S. Grant, M. J. Kurtz and G. Eichhorn (SAO)
28.03 A DOS-based Version of the {\it VICAR Image Processing System} for Planetary Image Reduction, Navigation, and Measuring
T. Hockey (Univ. of N. Iowa) and C. Barnet (ISTS)
28.04 GaussFit, A System for Least Squares and Robust Estimation
B. McArthur, W. Jefferys and J. McCartney (Department of Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin)
28.05 An automatic method for determining Coordinate Transformations in FOCAS
L. E. Campusano (Dpt.Astr., University of Chile, Santiago), J. Vel\'asquez (Dpt.Computing Sc., University of Chile, Santiago), F. Valdes (NOAO) and P. B. Stetson (DAO)
28.06 The Second EUVE Source Catalog
J. Lewis, S. Bowyer, M. Lampton, X. Wu, R. Lieu, J. J. Drake and R. F. Malina (CEA/UCB)
28.07 HIRAS, IRAS High Resolution Images
D. J. M. Kester, T. R. Bontekoe and P. R. Wesselius (SRON, Groningen, The Netherlands)
28.08 A Radio Reference Frame Based on 15 Years of Mark-III VLBI Observations.
A. Fey (NRL), N. Zacharias (USRA), J. Russell (ARC), K. Johnston, B. Archinal, M. Carter (USNO), C. de Vegt (Univ. Hamburg), M. Eubanks, D. Florkowski, D. Hall (USNO), D. Jauncey (CSIRO), C. Ma (GSFC), D. McCarthy (USNO) and J. Reynolds (CSIRO)
28.09 A Catalog of White Dwarfs in Wide Binaries
T. D. Oswalt and D. Strunk (Florida Tech)

Session 29. General Interstellar Medium

Display, Tuesday, 9:20-6:30, Salons ABD

29.01 Evidence for Homogeneous Ionization of Helium in the Local Interstellar Medium from EUVE Spectroscopy of Hot DA Stars
J. Dupuis, S. Vennes, S. Bowyer (CEA/UCB), A. K. Pradhan (OSU) and P. Thejll (NBI)
29.02 Polarimetry of 24 Highly Redden Stars within the Galactic Plane
M. Creese (UMN)
29.03 Optical Interstellar Absorption Along WUPPE Interstellar Polarization Sight Lines
C. M. Anderson (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
29.04 Heterochromatic Interstellar and Atmospheric Extinction in Johnson and Washington Systems
W. J. Roberts (STScI) and E. K. Grebel (Sternwarte Bonn)
29.05 New Results from the Berkeley Spectrometer on ORFEUS: O {\sc vi} in the Galactic Halo and Disk
M. Hurwitz and S. Bowyer (CEA/UCB)
29.06 Detection of Highly Ionized Nitrogen at Large Galactocentric Distances
B. D. Savage, L. Lu (Univ of Wisconsin) and K. R. Sembach (MIT)
29.07 A New Mechanism for Excitation of the [N II] Temperature Diagnostic Emission Lines at 6548 \AA and 6584 \AA
T. M. Tripp, J. S. Gallagher and A. Watson (Washburn Observatory, U. Wisconsin)
29.08 The Local Interstellar Cavity Outlined by K I Absorption
M. L. West (Montclair St. C.) and R. E. White (Smith C.)
29.09 Low Frequency Carbon Recombination Lines in the Southern Galaxy
W. C. Erickson (UMD), D. McConnell (ATNF) and K. R. Anantharamaiah (RRI)
29.10 Radio emission from spinning grains
A. Ferrara (Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, Largo Fermi 5, 50125 Firenze, Italy)
29.11 Radiative Hyperfine Transitions
R. H. Garstang (JILA, U. Colorado)
29.12 Mapping of Extended Reflection Nebulosity in the Pleiades Region
S. J. Gibson and K. H. Nordsieck (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
29.13 Diffuse X-Ray Shadow in the Pleiades
V. Kashyap, R. Rosner (U.Chicago), F. R. Harnden (CfA), G. Micela and S. Sciortino (OAdP)
29.14 The First Direct Measurement of the Thermal Pressure of the Hot Interstellar Medium
R. Lieu, S. Bowyer, M. Lampton (CEA/UCB), S. D. Sidher (Imperial College, UK) and J. Knude (NBI)
29.15 Soft X-ray and HI Surveys of the Low NH Region in Ursa Major
W. T. Sanders, D. McCammon (U. Wisconsin), F. J. Lockman (NRAO), K. Jahoda, S. L. Snowden (NASA/GSFC) and G. Hasinger (MPE)
29.16 H I and X-ray Emission in Simulations of the Interstellar Medium of Disk Galaxies
A. Rosen and J. N. Bregman (U. Mich.)
29.17 Grain Size Distributions Resulting From Turbulent Coagulation and Shattering
J. E. O'Donnell (University of Wisconsin)
29.18 Kinematical Modeling of Interstellar Absorption by Galactic Halo Gas
D. Massa (ARC) and K. Sembach (MIT)
29.19 Measurements of Turbulence in the ISM Using Faraday Rotation
A. H. Minter and S. R. Spangler (University of Iowa)
29.20 Ion-Neutral Collisions and Minimum Clump Sizes in Interstellar Turbulence
S. R. Spangler, J. W. Armstrong and B. J. Rickett (U. Iowa, JPL, UCSD)
29.21 Vorticity Generation by Shocks in the Interstellar Medium
P. J. Kornreich (UT, Austin) and J. Scalo (UT, Austin)

Session 30. Star Formation, Molecular Clouds and HII Regions

Display, Tuesday, 9:20-6:30, Salons ABD

30.01 HII Regions of the Large Magellanic Cloud
V. C. Galarza (University of Minnesota) and E. Wilcots (NRAO)
30.02 H$\alpha$ Emission of the H\,II region BSF8
S. P. Milster and F. Scherb (University of Wisconsin)
30.03 A Search For Dense Gas in Quiescent Bok Globules
B. D. Kane, D. P. Clemens (Boston University) and P. C. Myers (CfA)
30.04 The Clump Spectrum of Two High-Latitude Molecular Clouds
L. Blitz and M. W. Pound (UMD)
30.05 HCN Images of the Orion Bar
R. C. Y. Owl (Univ. of Illinois), M. Meixner (Univ. of Illinois), A. G. G. M. Tielens (NASA/Ames) and J. Tauber (ESA/Estec)
30.06 The Star Forming Core of L810: CO Outflows, CS Dense Gas, and a Jet
M. Berkovitch, D. Clemens (Boston U.), J. Yun (U. Lisbon), N. Patel (U. Mass) and T. Xie (JPL)
30.07 BIMA Observations of Complex Molecules in Sgr B2
D. M. Mehringer, Y. Miao, Y. -J. Kuan and L. E. Snyder (U. of Illinois)
30.08 Three Millimeter Molecular Lines in SGR B2
Y. -J. Kuan and L. E. Snyder (U. of Illinois)
30.09 Searching for Interstellar Glycine in Sgr B2 with the BIMA Array
Y. Miao, L. E. Snyder, Y. -J. Kuan (Univ. of Illinois) and F. J. Lovas (National Inst. Stds. and Tech.)
30.10 Radio Properties of NGC$\thinspace$2363
H. Yang and E. Skillman (U. Minnesota)
30.11 Candidate Molecular Outflows from UC HII Regions
D. S. Shepherd and E. B. Churchwell (U. Wisc., Madison)
30.12 G10.62 and G29.96: VLA Radio Recombination Line Observations of Ultracompact H II Regions
A. Afflerbach, E. Churchwell and P. Hofner (U. Wisconsin)
30.13 Ultracompact HII Regions: A Molecular Point of View
S. Kurtz (UNAM), E. Churchwell (University of Wisconsin-Madison), D. O. S. Wood (NRAO) and P. Myers (CfA)
30.14 Global, Axisymmetric Instability in Magnetized Accretion Disks
C. Curry, R. E. Pudritz and P. G. Sutherland (McMaster University)

Session 31. Massive Hot Stars

Display, Tuesday, 9:20-6:30, Salons ABD

31.01 The Theoretical Instability Strip for Luminous Blue Variables
M. S. Soukup, A. N. Cox, J. A. Guzik (Los Alamos Astrophysics) and S. M. Morgan (University of Northern Iowa)
31.02 The Evolution of the Eta Carinae Bipolar Nebula: A numerical gasdynamic investigation
A. Frank (U. of Minnesota) and B. Balick (U. of Washington)
31.03 Identification of Emission-Line Stars in 30 Doradus using HST Observations
J. W. Parker (GSFC / NRC) and S. R. Heap (GSFC / NASA)
31.04 UV Imaging of R136 with the GHRS and the WFPC-2
E. M. Malumuth (CSC/GSFC), D. Ebbets (BASG), S. R. Heap, S. P. Maran (NASA/GSFC), J. B. Hutchings (DAO) and D. J. Lindler (ACC)
31.05 In-orbit Performance of COSTAR/GHRS/Side 1 as Based on Observations of R136a
D. C. Ebbets, H. W. Garner (BASD), S. R. Heap, S. P. Maran (NASA/GSFC), E. M. Malumuth (CSC/GSFC), D. J. Lindler (ACC) and J. B. Hutchings (DAO)
31.06 GHRS Observations and Theoretical Modeling of Early Type Stars in R136a
A. de Koter (NASA/GSFC, USRA), S. Heap (NASA/GSFC), I. Hubeny (NASA/GSFC, USRA), T. Lanz (NASA/GSFC), J. Hutchings (DAO), H. J. G. L. M. Lamers (SI/Utrecht, The Netherlands), S. Maran (NASA/GSFC) and W. Schmutz (ETH/Z\"{u}rich, Switzerland)
31.07 Evidence for a Disk in the Wind of {HD\,93521}: UV Line Profiles from an Axisymmetric Model
J. E. Bjorkman, R. Ignace, T. M. Tripp and J. P. Cassinelli (U. Wisconsin)
31.08 X-ray-Induced Ionization in the Winds of Near-Main-Sequence O and B Stars
J. J. MacFarlane, D. H. Cohen and P. Wang (U. Wisc.)
31.09 Disk Formation in Rotating Wolf-Rayet Stellar Winds
R. Ignace, J. P. Cassinelli and J. E. Bjorkman (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
31.10 The geometry and ionisation structure of circumstellar envelopes of hot stars from analysis of spectropolarimetric absorption line profiles
K. Wood and J. Bjorkman (University of Wisconsin)
31.11 Variability in the Circumstellar Shell of $\pi$ Aqr: Clues to a Wind-Disk Connection?
K. S. Bjorkman, J. E. Bjorkman (U. Wisconsin) and C. A. Grady (ARC)
31.12 Spectropolarimetry of 68 OPH
A. J. Weitenbeck, B. Babler, M. E. Putman, E. A. Kleditz, M. R. Meade and K. H. Nordsiek (U. Wisconsin)
31.13 High Resolution Echelle Observations of Nebulae around Ofpe/WN9 stars
A. Nota (STScI), C. Leitherer (STScI), A. Pasquali (STScI/Astronomy Department, Florence), L. Drissen (STScI), C. Robert (STScI) and W. Schmutz (ETH, Zurich)
31.14 IUE Observations of a Recently-Discovered WC 11 Star
B. McCollum (CSC)
31.15 Boron Abundances in Early Type Stars
K. A. Venn, D. L. Lambert (U. Texas at Austin) and M. Lemke (Cambridge)

Session 32. Galaxy Dynamics

Display, Tuesday, 9:20-6:30, Salons ABD

32.01 A Radio Continuum Survey of Edge-on Spiral Galaxies
B. Sorathia and J. A. Irwin (AAS)
32.02 Absolute Magnitudes and Kinematics of RR Lyrae Stars via Statistical Parallax
A. C. Layden (CTIO), R. B. Hanson (UCO/Lick Observatory) and S. L. Hawley (Michigan State University)
32.03 Observations of Polar-Ring Galaxies in the 21cm line of Neutral Hydrogen
A. L. Cox (University of Wisconsin -- Madison), L. S. Sparke (University of Wisconsin -- Madison) and P. D. Sackett (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
32.04 Ring Galaxy Evolution as a Function of ``Intruder'' Mass
R. A. Gerber (NASA/Ames), S. A. Lamb (U. Ill.) and D. S. Balsara (NCSA)
32.05 Further Studies of the Double Nucleus of M31
I. R. King (Astronomy Dept., U.C. Berkeley), S. A. Stanford (IPAC, Caltech) and P. Crane (ESO)
32.06 An Exploration of the Morphologies of Collision-InducedRing Galaxies
S. A. Lamb (UIUC), R. A. Gerber (NASA/Ames) and D. S. Balsara (UIUC)

Session 33. Relativistic Astrophysics

Display, Tuesday, 9:20-6:30, Salons ABD

33.01 The MACHO Collaboration Microlensing Survey:Results Toward the LMC and the Bulge
K. Cook, C. Alcock, R. Allsman, T. Axelrod (LLNL), D. Bennett, S. Perlmutter (UCB), S. Marshall, M. Pratt, C. Stubbs (UCSB), K. Griest (UCSD), W. Sutherland (Oxford), K. Freeman, P. Quinn, B. Peterson and A. Rodgers (MSSSO)
33.02 Has MACHO seen Microlensing of a Binary Star?
T. Axelrod, C. Alcock, R. Allsman, D. Bennett, K. Cook (LLNL), K. Freeman, B. Peterson, P. Quinn, A. Rodgers (MSSSO), K. Griest, S. Marshall, S. Perlmutter, M. Pratt, C. Stubbs and W. Sutherland (CfPA)
33.03 Critical Radiation Fluxes and Luminosities of Black Holes and Relativistic Stars
F. K. Lamb (UIUC) and M. C. Miller (Chicago)
33.04 About Lorentz's Theorem and the First-Order Interference Experiment
R. Wang (St. Cloud St. Univ.)
33.05 Black Hole Ejections in Galaxy Mergers
M. J. Valtonen, S. Mikkola and P. Hein\"am\"aki (Tuorla Obs)

Session 34. Massive Hot Stars with the Hubble Space Telescope Part I

Oral, Tuesday, 8:30-12:30, Salons EFG

34.01 Physics of Massive Hot Stars
34.02 Winds of Massive X-Ray Binaries
R. McCray (JILA, U. of Colorado)
34.03 Eta Carinae with HST
K. Davidson (U of MN)
34.04 Hubble Astrometry and the 3D Structure of eta Carinae
D. G. Currie, D. J. Dowling, P. V. Avizonis (U of MD), J. J. Hester, P. A. Scowen (ASU), E. J. Groth (Princeton U), W. Idt and W. Idt
34.05 Space Telescope Observations of the Hubble-Sandage Variables ( or LBV's) in M31 and M3 M33
R. M. Humphreys (Univ. Minn.)
34.06 Resolution of the Upper IMF in the Magellanic Clouds
N. R. Walborn, J. W. MacKenty, A. Saha, R. L. White (STScI) and J. W. Parker (GSFC/NRC)

Session 35. Digitizing the Sky Part I

Oral, Tuesday, 8:30-12:30, Salon C

35.01 Digitization and Distribution of the Large Photographic Surveys
B. M. Lasker (ST ScI)
35.02 Digital Optical Sky Surveys
R. Kron (Fermilab)
35.03 Cataloging and Exploration of the Digitized POSS-II
S. Djorgovski, R. de Carvalho, J. Schombert, N. Weir, J. Smith, E. Barton (Caltech), U. Fayyad and J. Roden (JPL)
35.04 Near-Infrared Sky Surveys
S. Kleinmann, S. Schneider, M. Skrutskie, et al.
35.05 The FIRST VLA Survey: the First Year
R. H. Becker (UC-Davis/LLNL), R. L. White (STScI), D. J. Helfand (Columbia), M. D. Gregg (IGPP/LLNL) and R. A. Perley (NRAO)
35.06 A Deep New CCD/Objective-Prism Survey for Emission-Line Galaxies
J. J. Salzer (Wesleyan U.), V. Lipovetsky, A. Kniazev (SAO), T. A. Boroson (NOAO), T. X. Thuan (U. Virginia), Y. Izotov (Ukrainian Acad. Sci.) and J. W. Moody (BYU)
35.07 Astronomical Image Classification
S. C. Odewahn (Univ. of Minnesota)

Session 36. Galaxy Dynamics: Theory and Observation

Oral, Tuesday, 8:30-12:30, Marquette/LaSalle

36.01 Bending Instabilities of Stellar Systems
J. A. Sellwood and D. Merritt (Rutgers University)
36.02 Galactic Warps as Bending Modes
L. S. Sparke (Astronomy Dept., University of Wisconsin-Madison)
36.03 Implications of Symmetric Structure in Spiral Galaxies
D. M. Elmegreen (Vassar College) and B. G. Elmegreen (IBM Watson Research Center)
36.04 Clusters of Galaxies as a Probe of the Cosmic Density
D. Richstone (Dept of Astronomy, Univ of Michigan)
36.05 Recent Observational Advances in Galactic Dynamics
K. C. Freeman (MSSSO)
36.06 Collisions and Mergers Among Galaxies
K. D. Borne (STScI)
36.07 Tidal Bridges, Tails and Spiral Arms in M51's Multiple Encounter History
G. Byrd (U. Alabama) and H. Salo (U. Oulu)
36.08 Head-on Collisons as Galaxy-sized Perturbation ``Experiments''
P. N. Appleton (ISU)

Session 37. Massive Hot Stars with the Hubble Space Telescope Part II

Oral, Tuesday, 2:00-5:30, Salons EFG

37.01 Hubble Observations of R136a
S. R. Heap (NASA/GSFC)
37.02 Stellar Content of Giant HII Regions in the Local Group
A. F. J. Moffat (Univ. de Montr\'eal)
37.03 Super Star Clusters
R. W. O'Connell (UVa)
37.04 Morphology and Stellar Content of the Starburst Regions in Wolf-Rayet Galaxies
W. D. Vacca (UC Berkeley)
37.05 The Stellar Content of Starburst Galaxies
C. Leitherer (STScI)
37.06 The Effect of Massive Stars on the Interstellar Medium of Starburst Galaxies: New HST Observations
T. M. Heckman (Johns Hopkins University)

Session 38. Digitizing the Sky Part II

Oral, Tuesday, 2:00-5:30, Salon C

38.01 Giant Shoulders: Data and Discovery in Astronomy
M. J. Kurtz (SAO)
38.02 Astrometry and Stellar Motions
D. Monet (U.S. Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station)
38.03 Precision vs. Accuracy in Star Catalogs
L.G. Taff (STScI)
38.04 Astrometry from Oschin Schmidt Plates
G. Aldering (Univ. Minn.)
38.05 Galactic Structure and Stellar Populations
R. F. G. Wyse (Johns Hopkins University)
38.06 The APM Bright Galaxy Surveys: the Equatorial Galaxy Catalog
S. Raychaudhury (SAO), D. Lynden-Bell, C. Scharf (U of Cambridge, UK) and M. J. Hudson (U of Durham, UK)
38.07 FIRST Science: What Are a Million Radio Sources Good For?
D. J. Helfand (Columbia U.), R. H. Becker, M. D. Gregg (UC Davis and IGPP), R. L. White (STScI) and R. G. McMahon (Cambridge)
38.08 Clustering and Large Scale Structure
N. A. Bahcall (Princeton U.)

Session 39. Infrared Space Observatory

Oral, Tuesday, 2:00-5:30, Marquette/LaSalle

39.01 The Infrared Space Observatory (ISO): Scientific Capabilities
M. Kessler, R. Laureijs and N. Trams (ESA)
39.02 Observing with ISO: Examples from the Central Programme
R. Laureijs and N. Trams (ESA)
39.03 Proposing for ISO Time: The Process and Schedule
N. Trams and R. Laureijs (ESA)
39.04 Support Plans for ISO Users in the US: IPAC
G. Helou and C. A. Beichman (IPAC)