Galactic Structure from Faint Halo Carbon Stars

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Session 58 -- The Galaxy
Display presentation, Thursday, 2, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[58.02] Galactic Structure from Faint Halo Carbon Stars

P.J. Green (CfA)

Carbon giants provide excellent probes of the structure and kinematics of the outer galactic halo. We estimate from our own CCD survey and previous photographic surveys that to a depth of $V=18$, the surface density of faint high latitude carbon (FHLC) stars is 0.02~deg$^{-2}$. However, a significant fraction of FHLC stars are nearby carbon dwarfs (dCs). We present an FHLC sample, revised to exclude as many dCs as possible, to constrain the kinematic and structural parameters of the outer halo. Although larger samples would be useful, we now find that the effective radius of FHLC giants, assuming a deVaucouleurs law distribution, is larger than that for galactic globular clusters.

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