Very Low Mass Candidates in the Hyades

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Session 51 -- Brown Dwarfs and Very Low Mass Stars
Oral presentation, Wednesday, 1, 1994, 8:30-12:30

[51.08] Very Low Mass Candidates in the Hyades

C. Bryja (U.Minnesota)

Because of its nearness and moderately young age, the Hyades has been recently recognized as an optimal cluster for identifying possible brown dwarfs. To this end, recent photographic plate and near-IR imaging surveys have sought to extend the census of the Hyades down to the lowest possible stellar masses and below. Confirmed members with masses as low as $\sim 0.1 M_{\sun}$ have been identified from these surveys, and compelling candidates exist with probable masses near the hydrogen burning limit of $\sim 0.08 M_{\sun}$. The statis of these candidates, and of our knowledge of the low end of Hyades mass and luminosity functions, will be reviewed.

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