Distance to the Coma Cluster

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Session 49 -- Elliptical Galaxies
Display presentation, Wednesday, 1, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[49.01] Distance to the Coma Cluster

W. A. Baum, M. Hammergren (U. Washington), R. M. Light, S. P. Ewald (Caltech), E. J. Groth (Princeton U.), E. A. Ajhar, T. R. Lauer, C. R. Lynds, E. J. O'Neil (KPNO), J. A. Holtzman (Lowell Obs.), S. M. Faber, C. J. Grillmair (Lick/UCSC)

We report Hubble Space Telescope\/ observations of the bright E0 galaxy NGC 4881 in the Coma Cluster. Eight 900-second exposures were obtained with WFPC2 in the F555W ($V$) passband and eight in the F814W ($I$) passband. Photometry of the globular clusters surrounding NGC 4881 provides an improved estimate of the distance to Coma. Since the redshift of Coma (mean = 6942 km/sec) is large compared with regional departures from a smooth Hubble flow, the distance to Coma has direct implications concerning $H_0$.

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