The Effectiveness of Explosive Mass Ejection in Classical Novae

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Session 46 -- Novae
Display presentation, Wednesday, 1, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[46.02] The Effectiveness of Explosive Mass Ejection in Classical Novae

John C. Hayes (University of Arizona)

Self-consistent, time-dependent models of the thermonuclear runaway mechanism in classical novae have traditionally had difficulty in ejecting enough material to allow the system to return to quiescence on timescales compatible with observations. This difficulty has motivated searches for alternative mechanisms to expediting mass loss, such as common envelope evolution. This paper presents a sequence of nova simulations done with much higher grid point resolution than that used in many previous studies; it is found that improved numerical resolution substantially increases the amount of mass loss obtainable purely by explosive ejection, and thus considerably reduces the difficulty described above. These results grew out of a study to evaluate the importance of line-driven winds in nova evolution; such effects are found to be secondary in comparison to the explosion itself.

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