ROSAT Observations of CH Cyg

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Session 45 -- CVs/Symbiotic Stars
Display presentation, Wednesday, 1, 1994, 9:20-6:30

[45.10] ROSAT Observations of CH Cyg

D.A. Leahy, K. Volk (University of Calgary)

The symbiotic system CH Cyg was observed during the AO-2 ROSAT Guest Observer phase. CH Cyg was clearly detected, with 2900 counts in an observation period of 8200 seconds. The resulting spectrum from CH Cyg is a substantial improvement over the previous observation of CH Cyg made with the EXOSAT LE1+CMA (Leahy and Taylor, 1987). The spectrum was analyzed using XSPEC, and could not be fit with any single component model. A reasonable 2 component fit consisted of Raymond Smith plasma emission model, which fit the bulk of the spectrum, plus a power law component to fit the high energy tail. Interpretation of the spectrum will be presented. A timing analysis was also done on the photon event file. No significant variability over the observation period was detected.

Leahy, D., Taylor, A. 1987, A\&A, 176, 262

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